About Us

Vinson Construction, LLC. was established in January 1993 through the vision and direction of Mr. Michael Vinson. Mr. Vinson's primary goal was to develop a full service underground utility construction company that would address the needs of our potential clientele. The focus is to provide trenching, boring, and installation services to the following client spectrum:
  • Power Companies
  • Communication Companies
  • Water & Sewer Operating Systems
  • Oil Field Production Companies
  • Private Developers
  • Private Contractors in need of our services
  • Public Utility Operators
Keeping this spectrum at the front of the design Vinson Construction was formed to deliver the caliber and quality of service that would make it a recognizable and highly sought after utility contractor. Vinson Construction's administrative and management team has been carefully selected to encompass the level of expertise needed to make Vinson Construction a success. With the existing staff in place, Vinson Construction is able to provide superior administrative and field management experience and expertise covering a wide range of various construction and utility installation projects.